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08 9212 4200

Clinic Location

31 Outram Street
West Perth WA 6005
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Opening Hours

8 am to 6 pm
Phone enquiries
9 am to 5 pm


For appointments, please phone 08 9212 4200 or use the contact email for the doctor as listed below. Please note that all the practitioners in the clinic are specialists, and that a referral from another medical practitioner is required for an appointment.
To facilitate your appointment, you may download a Patient Information Form to complete prior to attending us. To do this, click on your preferred link below (either the 'PDF Form' or the ‘PDF Print' version). This will then open that version in your browser. The ‘Print' version can just be printed for use but, to make the ‘Form’ version functional, you must then perform a 'save as’ a PDF or ‘export as’ a PDF (differing commands in different browsers). Once out of your browser and on the desktop, the form can be opened with Adobe Acrobat allowing input. Start at the top left and click on the correct field. You may then tab through the fields in order or just click on the ones you need to fill in. If you hover over a field, you will get the format required (for dates etc.). After completion of the form, you may want to save or print it for your records. Hovering over the circled fields of ‘Save As’ and ‘Print,’ at the top of the form, will create dialogues facilitating those actions. When ready, email this form back to the relevant secretary (addresses can be found below).

  • The ‘PDF Form’ version - allows electronic completion and direct return by email (list of secretary emails below)

  • The ‘PDF Print' version - allows for completion after printing and return by fax (08 9212 4264) or by scan and email.

To view or work with PDFs, you will need Adobe Reader (a free download).
Secretary Email
For appointments at Duncraig and West Perth, please phone 08 9246 4055.