The highly experienced surgeons of Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre have been performing hip surgery for the Perth community for over 30 years.

The hip joint is a ball and socket synovial joint that connects the top of the thigh bone (femur) to the pelvic bone (acetabulum). The hip is held together by cartilage, muscle and ligaments.

Functionally, the hip joint has a very high range of motion. The ball-and-socket structure of the joint allows the femur to move freely through a 360-degree circle. In addition to being flexible, each hip joint must be capable of supporting half of the body’s weight along with such movements as running and jumping. The hip joint must be able to accommodate such forces repeatedly during intense physical activities.

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Common conditions that affect the hip include:

  • Hip Osteoarthritis
  • Labral Tear and Impingement
  • Gluteal Tendon Tear
  • Bursitis (Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome)

Our surgeons perform the following hip surgery procedures:

  • Total Hip Replacement
    • Direct Anterior Approach
    • Mini and Traditional Posterior Approach
    • SuperPath
    • Hardinge
  • Total Hip Resurfacing
  • Revision Total Hip Arthroplasty
  • Gluteal Tendon Repair
  • Hip Arthroscopy

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