Dr Jens-Ulrich Buelow

  • Knee Surgery
  • Shoulder Surgery


Dr Jens Buelow specialises in arthroscopic and reconstructive knee and shoulder surgery, knee replacement surgery and degenerative and trauma related knee and shoulder conditions.
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A graduate from the University of Heidelberg Germany, Dr Buelow completed his Orthopaedic training in Mannheim in 1995. He then became Head of the Arthroscopy Unit at the University Clinic in Mannheim , Germany.

After completing fellowships in Australia with Dr Peter Myers (Brisbane) and Dr John Bartlett(Melbourne), Dr Buelow became a Co-director / Orthopaedic Consultant at the Arcus Sports Clinic (Pforzheim, Germany) where he was recognised for introducing Hamstring ACL Reconstruction Surgery and new meniscal repair techniques. Dr Buelow was one of the first surgeons to do double bundle ACL Reconstructions in Germany.

A large series of publications resulted from his work, and much of his work was presented at International meetings. Dr Buelow was awarded the Arthrex Travelling Fellowship to the USA, where he visited world leaders in Arthroscopic Knee and Shoulder Surgery.

Dr Buelow completed his Orthopaedic Specialist qualification in Australia and joined the Perth Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Centre in 2004.